Being held back by habitual prescribing habits? Developing new brand story in CNS

The challenge

Our client had an established brand and needed to refresh the brand story to move to the next chapter in their CNS journey. We deployed our understanding of behavioural science to challenge assumptions built up over many years and help the client plot a new course for their brand story.

The solution

The motivations driving HCP prescribing choices are often not entirely rational; they can be deeply personal for good reasons, and hard to unpick. Our solution leveraged behavioural science to interrogate the elements of habitual prescribing, identify levers for change, and underpin a refreshed brand approach.

First, we partnered with the core team to develop our view on current HCP habit loops in the two key segments of interest to the brand. To achieve this, we utilised the array of existing market research and insight available to the client.

This acted as a springboard to the next phase, which took the form of a highly interactive workshop programme, involving cross-functional team members in global and country-based roles. First, we created desired habit loops. To do so, we leant on the thinking of Charles Duhigg, whose work established that habit loops have three key elements: cue, routine, and reward. Also during the workshop programme, we captured the new direction for the brand story.

The outcome

The workshop output was used to drive creative briefings, to inform the update of the existing brand campaign. This has performed exceptionally well in the market.