Bringing patient experience to life to support launch planning

The challenge

Our client’s asset had just successfully completed phase II clinical trials for the treatment of GI cancers. The global brand team needed to advance their commercialisation plans to bring the asset to a successful launch. Fundamental to this was developing a full understanding of the patient journey: their experiences, beliefs, and behaviours, and how this impacted their treatment decisions.

The solution

To understand the patient experience from the point of view of the patient and those around them, we spoke with multiple stakeholders, including patient support organisations.

We conducted digital listening to understand the questions, comments, and experiences shared publicly on social media. We also created our own private, secure communities for patients to discuss experiences, resulting in a rich patient understanding for our client.

In addition to carefully piecing together a detailed patient experience journey, and mapping patient touchpoints within and outside the healthcare system, we created film summaries from video-recorded patient content. This highly visual, direct patient testimony was key to maximising the impact of our insights.

The outcome

This programme of work fed into our client’s decisions on how to tailor their commercial offering to different stakeholder groups and provided the insight necessary to help optimise key communications.