Developing most effective messaging platform and sales story for new obesity treatment

The challenge

Our client was developing a novel treatment for obesity and asked its insight partners to help them craft a compelling brand story. The obesity market is characterised by numerous challenges – cost and access issues, lack of physician engagement in the category and a patient population that is not convinced about the value of prescription obesity treatment. In this context, our research had to address the immediate insights need while informing the development of solutions to broader market challenges.

The solution

Our solution incorporated global exploratory qualitative research and validation quantitative research. Between research waves, we also conducted consultative workshops, designed to consolidate insights and inform the subsequent phase.

From a quant point of view, our research included AdSAM for emotional insights on the current obesity market and the new product as well as MaxDiff and TURF exercises to prioritise messaging elements and build the most effective messaging story. We also completed agile, iterative analysis at the market, segment, specialty and treater level to enable our client to tailor their story and sale approach according to their strategic marketing plans across the globe.

This integrated approach enabled us to identify a clear, winning concept for the brand that met our client’s key performance benchmarks – breakthrough and emotional resonance for both ads that was as good as or better than competitors, and identification of one client ad concept that performed significantly better on communications KPIs, value proposition goals, and heat map and visual impact assessment (VIA) diagnostics.

We also provided our client with clarity on how to message and build a brand story for their HCP audience, alongside recommendations for a) concept improvements, both on the orientation of the visuals and wording changes, b) how to optimise message wording, order and flow to improve its resonance, and c) how to troubleshoot barriers to adoption.

The outcome

As a result of our work, our client was able to move forward confidently and commented that this approach should be the gold standard for their concept evaluation going forward.