Effective positioning against key competitors

The challenge

Our client’s asset was launching in DLBCL, a market saturated with a host of other options including competitor CAR Ts, launched and to-be launched. We partnered with the client across three global studies to uncover:

  • how stakeholders (both potential treaters and referrers) segment, and how to drive opportunities in each group
  • the emotional and rational drivers when choosing CAR T for different lines of therapy
  • how to capitalise on market opportunity in the future landscape

The solution

We used a suite of behavioural science techniques. These included an implicit association technique to identify how physicians felt about each potential therapy, and a predictive market approach where physicians ‘bet’ on which future asset would be most successful for different patient types. We also applied enabling techniques to identify perceptions towards the client’s asset and competitors and used an online platform for sharing patient profiles in an engaging way that also captured likely prescribing for each with a live data portal.

We built on the insights from each study to the next, to drive actionable next steps for the brand, both strategic and tactical.

The outcome

We equipped our client to position their asset competitively by providing specific recommendations on which customer groups offered the greatest opportunity, as well as strategies to optimise engagement and address barriers to use.