Exploring the patient journey and its impacts on patient-centric brand strategy

The challenge

At Branding Science, we know that the most successful brands are built on truly understanding the patient and embedding their most crucial needs into the brand’s DNA. Our client identified the need for a programme of patient-focused insight and consultancy to guide them through the early steps in the development process for their brand, which had two rare disease indications.

The solution

We developed and implemented a hybrid programme of work, spanning our research, consultancy and creative teams.

The market research phase included global outreach to multiple stakeholders within the patients’ ecosystem. These individuals participated in an extended engagement to uncover the emotional patient journey from first symptoms through to diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Branding Science Consultancy then facilitated a series of immersive workshops with a cross-functional team to ground everyone in the patient experience from various perspectives. Workshops included multiple interactive sessions that explored patient and HCP pain points and disconnects, to prioritise them in a way that aligned with the team’s brand strategy. This enabled the brand team to assess which areas to focus on for launch.

We also provided the client with a series of creative outputs designed by our in-house production team, Living Brand Productions. These included an interactive digital platform, patient journey posters and patient home video footage.

The outcome

By developing a range of creative assets to communicate our key findings, the insights lived on in the organisation in an engaging and accessible manner.

Ultimately, this work provided a strong foundation for our client’s future market positioning, development, and portfolio decisions.