Go or no-go for novel treatment in myelofibrosis?

The challenge

Our client was evaluating the opportunity for one of their assets to expand into an indication for myelofibrosis (MF). With a novel mechanism of action compared to current MF treatment(s), they needed to understand:

  • to what extent there was an unmet need in MF, particularly for the aspect that they could influence
  • what level of efficacy was clinically meaningful in order for oncologists to prescribe it
  • where their agent could fit into the MF treatment paradigm (first and later lines of therapy
  • what agents in development could compete with their product.

The solution

We interviewed haematologist-oncologists and medical oncologists across global markets. We also spoke with key opinion leaders. This approach enhanced our client’s understanding of the potential future MF treatment landscape.

Our research explored potential efficacy endpoints at varying levels of performance. We challenged physicians with a hypothetical treatment approach to validate where they envisioned our client’s agent could fit.

The outcome

Ultimately, our recommendations guided our client in terms of:

  • the performance their agent needed to achieve to be successful
  • the upper limits of adoption
  • mapping where their agent would fit within the treatment paradigm