Home health infusion unmet needs

The challenge

Our client’s goal was to understand the workflow and unmet needs for infusion patients and home health nurses in home healthcare across the US.

The solution

Originally planned as an in-person study, the pandemic required a virtual approach. We conducted web-TDIs with patients and nurses, followed by virtual observations using GoPro cameras. The web-TDIs provided some of the information we would have gathered during the observations, including the detailed steps each respondent takes while performing the treatment. The GoPro cameras allowed us to gain a perspective of the device set-up and usage process.

Outputs included workflows for patients and nurses, unmet needs, and workarounds. We provided strategies to meet the identified unmet needs and improve the experience for nurses and patients.

The outcome

Our client had several lines of business that the research informed, such as infusion devices, vials, and other components. The findings helped to improve current devices, as well as providing a framework for creating new products.