Identifying most compelling advertising idea for oncology brand

The challenge

Our client had an oncology treatment indicated for multiple tumour types. They were developing a global ad campaign to promote the master brand at a portfolio level, aiming to raise awareness and build equity in the minds of oncologists as a comprehensive oncology solution. Their creative development work culminated in two potential creative ideas, which they wanted to test rigorously.

The solution

We developed a customised quantitative methodology to identify the strongest performing creative idea for the brand. We carried out global research in four markets and tested ad concepts in several ways. We first measured breakthrough and emotional resonance with a flash recall and memorability test and AdSAM for emotional insight, comparing the client’s campaigns with four competitors. We then assessed all six campaigns on their ability to communicate key campaign goals and performance on KPIs, to benchmark the client’s ad concepts vs. the competition. Next, we focused on the client’s ad concepts in a head-to-head comparison of how well each concept expressed the key value proposition. We then used highlighting exercises and visual impact assessment (a visual software analysis tool) to identify further opportunities for optimisation.

The outcome

The brand team was able to take forward the winning concept, knowing that it was both effective at engaging the target audience and was well-positioned to stand up to competitive advertising in a crowded market.