Judicious use of antibiotics in animal health

The challenge

Due to a change in FDA guidelines, our client was interested in exploring veterinarians’ understanding of ‘judicious use’ regarding antibiotics, their adherence to that concept, and how the FDA guideline changes would impact their daily practice. We repeated this study in the swine, cattle, and poultry spaces.

The solution

We interviewed producers and veterinarians to uncover the extent to which antibiotics were being used responsibly, what barriers existed, and how our client could help overcome these barriers. We used our ‘Disney Chairs’ exercise to uncover the drivers of adherence (dreamer chair), the barriers to adherence (critic chair), and to brainstorm solutions to the barriers (realist chair). We uncovered the challenges by assessing how easy it was to follow the new FDA guidelines for different animal types.

The outcome

Our recommendations supported our client’s decision-making around educating and supporting their customers and helped them to solidify their reputation as a leader in antibiotic stewardship.