Launch readiness of leptospirosis vaccine for equine health

The challenge

Our client had developed an equine-specific leptospirosis vaccine and needed help to optimise their brand for launch. Specifically, they sought a partner to provide insights-led guidance on brand positioning, brand concept and messaging.

The solution

We conducted three separate studies, designed to identify:

  1. the optimal positioning that would fit within their existing vaccine portfolio and speak to an unmet need
  2. the concept that would best support the brand launch and the seriousness of potential consequences of leptospirosis
  3. the optimal messages to drive interest in the equine-specific vaccine

In completing these studies, we conducted qualitative research with equine veterinarians and horse owners and used several enabling techniques, including DOME, our online message testing platform. The platform provides live reporting of preferred messages and story ordering, whilst freeing up the moderator to uncover the ‘whys’ behind preference. We also applied our implicit association technique to identify the emotional resonance of the concepts and positioning.

The outcome

Our recommendation on the concept which would most highlight the mortality associated with leptospirosis is still in use today.

We advised how to position the product within the client’s existing product line offerings, and which messages would best set up the unmet need for an equine-specific option.

The insight that customers perceived the client company was committed to supporting their customers helped reassure our client that they would launch with veterinarian support.