Need to address brand performance urgently? An action-oriented approach to overcoming key challenges

The challenge

Our client had a tough start to the year in a crowded segment of the ophthalmology market. There were concerns about a ‘slow start’ across the portfolio. Our client wanted to explore in full the external and internal issues behind poor sales performance and align on strategies to address these challenges and drive a quick upturn in sales.

The solution

When things slow down for your brand, it is vital to diagnose issues quickly and develop an action plan that can be implemented rapidly. We believe the best way to act fast is to protect space for thinking as a team. Team members often ‘know’ the solutions – but these may not surface in the pressurised environment that can develop when a brand is under-performing, leading to knowledge siloes.

Our solution prioritised thinking space. First, in a workshop setting, we brought together multiple team members to share market knowledge and insight, synthesise it and identify emerging themes.

Then, in a real-world setting, we facilitated an intensive, action-orientated, cross-functional workshop for the international team. First, we identified priority challenges, then we completed a co-creation group exercise to generate ideas to address competitive challenges. Through mini war-gaming, we stress-tested ideas against competitor company teams before developing a six-month SMART action plan for prioritised initiatives.

The outcome

Our client pulled plans through to local operating company activity within two weeks. These plans were subsequently implemented.