Not sure your brand story has competitive edge? Stress test, refine and enhance with real-time customer input

The challenge

A global client wanted support in bringing a new asset into a crowded market. Their communications needed to be effective in the highly competitive environment, allowing them to talk positively and confidently about their brand as a treatment making a meaningful difference for patients. Establishing a front of mind perception with specialists was crucial.

The solution

Understanding how your story lands with customers is key to any brand’s success. Some forms of competitive assessment may underestimate the scale of competitive threat, by failing to appreciate competitor capabilities or because of long-standing assumptions that have become part of company culture.

First, we helped our clients to immerse themselves in the world of their competitors. We then used real-time customer feedback to progressively refine a winning brand story. Over a series of structured, interactive workshops, we worked with the cross-functional global brand team to interrogate the intent of competitor products. We used this insight to develop a winning approach: one that would maximise the effectiveness of communications for the new asset. Finally, we stress-tested, and refined, our approach in a live selling exercise with customers in a ‘safe’ environment. This saw salesforce specialists delivering the selling story to customers in a CompComms workshop.

The outcome

This programme of work enabled our client to progressively refine and optimise their communications for the new asset. It also equipped them to anticipate, and position against, the potential response of their key competitor.