Optimising online communications strategy for rare disease testing

The challenge

One of the biggest challenges facing pharma companies in the rare disease space is the lack of disease awareness. This impairs knowledge about how to conduct specialised tests and treatments. The most effective insights solutions go beyond identifying information needs. They help to understand how to impart knowledge in a way that changes behaviour for the better.

The solution

Our client partner engaged Branding Science to evaluate a digital awareness campaign which aimed to challenge a three-tiered awareness gap in a rare genetic respiratory disease – amongst GP/PCPs and pulmonologists not currently evaluating or treating these rare patients.

Rather than simply evaluating the digital platform in terms of overall reactions and user satisfaction, our solution was designed to identify its core strengths and areas of optimisation for target customer use.

The outcome

When our client pulled key insights from the programme through into their design of the digital platform, they found that this led to increased emotional engagement and incentivisation for testing and treatment. In doing so, the campaign laid the groundwork for increasing their customer base.