Preparing/administering IV unmet needs

The challenge

Our client wanted to assess the opportunity for their direct administration device for the infusion of a cancer therapy. With a focus on pharmacists, pharmacy techs and nurses, they first wanted to assess existing unmet needs with the current preparation and administration of their infusion therapy. After assessing the current landscape, they also wanted to present a device prototype for the new delivery method.

The solution

We conducted a two-phase study which included an ethnography phase and a device testing phase. In the ethnography phase, we gathered feedback on the potential device concepts, determined which device design HCPs were most interested in, and determined likelihood to adopt. In the second phase, we conducted hands-on device testing with respondents. Due to the pandemic, we shifted to a combination of virtual approaches (including self-video recordings and web-TDIs). Given the limited number of prototypes and the need for efficient fielding, we used a courier service in two geographic areas. The courier dropped off a box with the prototype and materials for respondents before the virtual interview, then picked up the box after the interview. The prototype was sanitised, and new materials were provided for the next interview.

The outcome

Our research identified the key benefits of our client’s device and highlighted key challenges necessary to overcome to facilitate adoption. Through our virtual observations, we were able to identify the most common user errors. We recommended potential solutions to minimise user errors, including redesigning certain aspects of the device, and made suggestions for detailed instructions.