Putting the voice of the patient at the heart of successful rare disease launch programme

The challenge

Our client was looking to launch a new biologic treatment indicated for a rare dermatological condition and wanted to ensure they put the voice of the patient at the heart of their launch programme.

The solution

We are passionate about showcasing the disease burden for patients with rare conditions. Our solution blended multiple research techniques to provide our client with a clear and holistic understanding of patient & HCP ecosystems, the patient journey and treatment pathway from first symptoms through to ongoing management. We also collaborated with our client to identify suitable KOLs for an initial scoping phase, supported by online listening, to optimise our sample and develop key hypotheses to test.

Using a range of adapted ‘ethnographic-style’ techniques to supplement the core research (in-home observations, photographs of the impact on the skin, video footage, diary extracts, and ‘letter to my disease’), we actively engaged our client stakeholders in the true impact of the condition on patient QoL.

The outcome

By combining patient insight with a detailed map and a poster to highlight unmet needs, disconnects and aspirations for a new treatment, we helped our client to optimise the clinical development programme for their asset, and drive launch activities around integrated care and patient support services.