Want to share best practice across your affiliates? Learnings from 15+ countries for international neurology launch

The challenge

Our client’s brand was newly approved by the FDA for a highly competitive neurology indication. The launch was at different stages in markets across Europe, and our client wanted affiliates’ experiences to inform best practices.

The solution

Action requires know-how and motivation. One of the major challenges facing multinational companies is how to share ideas, learnings, and experiences to propagate best practices. Though markets are unique, experience tells us that strong ideas are highly transferable despite differences in healthcare systems. At the same time, experience also shows that human nature tends to focus on differences, and on what does not work, rather than on potential solutions.

First, we prepared the ground. We convened a representative steering committee to align on key insights and identify innovative and inspiring approaches with relevance across markets. This collective approach was crucial to achieving early buy-in. It also motivated countries to compete to present their best ideas.

Next, we executed. In a real-world setting, we facilitated an intensive, action-orientated, cross-functional workshop for the international team. We identified priority challenges, before moving to a facilitated co-creation group exercise to generate ideas to address competitive challenges. Through mini war-gaming, we stress-tested ideas against competitor company teams. Finally, we developed a six-month SMART action plan for prioritised initiatives.

The outcome

Within weeks, our client pulled plans through to local operating company activity. These plans were subsequently implemented.