What’s your purpose? Developing an emotionally resonant brand purpose in CNS

The challenge

Our client needed to course correct following a sub-optimal global launch in CNS. Specifically, they needed help to develop a unifying brand purpose – to discover the emotionally resonant heart of the brand that gives it direction and cohesion. On a practical level, they wanted to ensure that their brand activities would connect with their customers and patients on a deeper level and inspire their teams to go the extra mile.

The solution

We implemented a multi-phase approach to diagnose key issues, develop a unifying brand purpose, socialise and refine this with the wider team, and set out a clear path forward for the brand.

Diagnose: In many cases, knowledge and insight are spread across team members, and understanding can become fragmented over time. We synthesised existing knowledge from market research, uncovered emerging themes from stakeholder interviews, and used both to level-set understanding across the team and focus in on the perceived key success factors for the brand franchise.

Create: Developing brand purpose requires diversity of thought and experience. We implemented a highly interactive brand shaping workshop programme involving extended brand team members in global and country-based cross-functional roles. This allowed the team to work together, to create options for brand purpose anchored in a deep understanding of the patient and HCP experience and which maintained the relevant competitive context. Strategic thought partnership continued with the core global team, to further refine thinking around brand purpose and select a preferred route.

The outcome

We facilitated the socialisation of the brand purpose with extended client teams, ensuring that the rationale and implications were explored in an interactive and engaging way. This led to enthusiastic adoption of the new brand purpose and the development of winning strategic initiatives to unify activity and support brand performance.