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Go or no-go for novel treatment in myelofibrosis?

Our client was evaluating the opportunity of one of their assets to expand into an indication for myelofibrosis (MF). With a novel mechanism of action compared to current MF treatment(s), they needed to better understand unmet needs, drivers of prescribing behaviour, where their agent could fit into the MF treatment pathway, and agents in development that could compete with their product.

Bringing patient experience to life to support launch planning

Our client’s asset had just successfully completed phase II clinical trials for the treatment of GI cancers. The global brand team needed to advance their commercialisation plans to bring the asset to a successful launch. Developing a full understanding of the patient journey was fundamental to this. Specifically, they required insight into how patients’ experiences, beliefs, and behaviours impacted their treatment decisions.

Effective positioning against key competitors

Our client’s asset was launching in DLBCL, a market saturated with a host of other options including competitor CAR Ts, launched and to-be launched. We partnered with the client across three global studies to uncover how key stakeholders segment and how to drive opportunities in each group, the drivers for choosing CAR T for different lines of therapy, and how to capitalise on future market opportunity.

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