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Exploring the patient journey and its impacts on patient-centric brand strategy

At Branding Science, we know that the most successful brands are built on truly understanding the patient and embedding their most crucial needs into the brand’s DNA. Our client identified the need for a programme of patient-focused insight and consultancy to guide them through the early steps in the development process for their brand, which had two rare disease indications.

Empowering patients to advocate for better treatment options

Our client’s challenge tapped into one of our true passions, which is to help brands develop patient-centric strategies that, in turn, empower patients to advocate for better treatment. Strong brands, not unlike humans, are driven by purpose and meaning. Patient-centric brands address an actual problem experienced by patients and can clearly articulate how they do so.

Putting the voice of the patient at the heart of successful rare disease launch programme

We are passionate about showcasing the disease burden for patients with rare conditions. Our client was looking to launch a new biologic treatment indicated for a rare dermatological condition with little market research or other secondary data available. Leveraging the expertise of our Centres of Excellence in both patient centricity and rare diseases, we were able to optimise programme design.

We build understanding from the first contact

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