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Optimising brand positioning by understanding deep-rooted, emotional drivers of treatment decisions and brand loyalty

Whenever treatments occupy the same space, it is key to understand how healthcare professionals choose between treatment options. This need is amplified in rare diseases, given the smaller patient populations. Branding Science partnered with our client to conduct patient research in a rare disease, to unearth the drivers of treatment choice, both rational and emotional, brand loyalty, and HCP preferences in interacting with pharma companies.

Optimising online communications strategy for rare disease testing

One of the biggest challenges facing pharma companies in the rare disease space is the lack of disease awareness. This impairs knowledge about how to conduct specialised tests and treatments. The most effective insights solutions go beyond identifying information needs. They help us understand how to impart knowledge in a way that changes behaviour for the better.

Recruiting for success in rare disease

For market research and consultancy teams conducting research in the rare disease space, accessing the right respondents can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Traditional panels of patients and providers rarely yield the target audiences in sufficient numbers for the types of issues that pharma clients wish to explore, and physician referrals have provided dwindling results in recent years.

We build understanding from the first contact

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