How We Work

We start with the end in mind and frame each project around how our insights will be used and the key decisions we need to support. Expert storytellers, our deliverables communicate the insights that matter, memorably and with impact. We use a story-lined approach. This means we answer the business question up-front, supported by story charts, and report everything else in detailed findings.

Informed By Behavioural Science

With many behavioural scientists in our team, we continue to advance our application of behavioural science to our clients’ objectives. Our thinking in this space has driven proprietary approaches, as well as behavioural journey mapping, health personality typing, and partnerships with academia on self-sponsored studies.

Qualitative Approaches

Our qualitative work is conducted by expert moderators, many who are RIVA trained, and incorporates a wealth of enabling techniques to dig deeper.

  • Our strategic offerings include understanding the current and future competitive landscape using a metaphor-driven approach, best in class patient journey with emotive deliverables including films, interactive journeys, posters and infographics, and our proprietary habit loop methodology to understand drivers of behaviour and how to change them.
  • Our development offerings help identify what positioning to own by testing platforms using verbal, personified delivery, and implicit association testing to uncover the emotional connections.
  • Our launch offerings use implicit association testing to uncover the emotional connection to concepts. We evaluate messages using a proprietary online message testing platform, while our memorability methodology has application for any communications test.

Quantitative Approaches

Our Quantum suite helps answer key business questions with smart, sensitive quantitative research.

  • Our strategic quantitative offerings cover landscape, segmentation, forecasting and agile polls to complement exploratory insights.
  • Our communications offerings include quantifying messaging, concepts, and visual aids.
  • Our performance offerings are covered by Quantum Launch for tracking and Quantum Trends for ATUs. These combine quantitative surveys with TDIs, video diaries and activation workshops to assist brand teams to make strategic and tactical adjustments.

Areas of Expertise

Learn more about our Centres of Excellence and explore our work.

Explore How We Work

  • Insight

    Our researchers’ expertise and innovation in qualitative and quantitative research is underpinned by our firm commitment to understanding decision-making and behavioural science.

  • Strategy

    We are your partners in thinking. Our consultants help to align your multi-stakeholder teams through proven brand creation processes that embed critical customer and patient insights into winning, competitive strategies.

  • Action

    We are committed catalysts for positive change in healthcare. Our partnership as allies in the implementation of your launch plans includes sales force excellence, affiliate onboarding, and best practice exchanges.

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