Branding Science to present new paper at EPHMRA Conference in September

Posted in July 2023

Great news – we’ve had our paper accepted for the EPHMRA Conference in Basel in September!

The paper is entitled ‘How improving your AIQ leads to better insights and better strategic decisions’, and we are already looking forward to sharing it.

2023 has already seen an explosion of innovation within AI, accompanied by an equally remarkable explosion in media and public attention.

The world’s response so far shows a heady mix of excitement at the leap forward that generative AI represents, along with equivalent doses of alarm at the potential implications for life as we know it, and stoicism that this shiny new technology will eventually settle into its rightful place, alongside previous innovations that have (or have not) changed our world.

Branding Science’s Senior Director in Client Services, Nick Ross and Head of Consulting Ed Corbett will be sharing the consolidated findings on the opportunities for this new technology.

The crux of our paper is to help our EPHMRA healthcare community to better understand AI, know how to use the tools effectively (and judiciously) to both generate fantastic insights and to take subsequent strategic decisions to help shape, fuel and inform brand strategy.

This paper will increase our delegates’ AIQ understanding and will provide a toolbox of actionable learnings, including how AI can be used to generate insights, balancing its benefits and limitations and how AI infused insights turn into actionable strategy.

We will share the AI insight landscape in pharma, gathered from the best practice of AI and traditional insights generation, creating an industry leading framework for how combining AI and traditional insights can turn into actionable strategy.