Our philosophy

We ground our thinking in behavioural science - eg psychology, medical psychology, anthropology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioural economics- to develop insights that can influence behaviour, leading to commerical success.

It Works

Our aim is to find the right solutions, by asking the right questions, in the right way, from the right people. We become partners in thinking with our clients, focused on achieving behavioural change with clearly differentiated brands as a foundation.

  • We used science to influence behaviour and create value in your brands.
  • We work with you as partners in thinking to improve speciality healthcare for patients and professionals.

Our approach to branding

As your global partner we gain a deeper understanding of all the challenges faced by your brand and the market it operates in.

We can then develop strategies to achieve your business objectives, unlocking a brand’s potential.

To do that, we used science-based methods because, as our name suggests, there is science behind brand-building. Science of many different disciplines helps us to develop insights and strategies, to influence behaviour and to take actions that achieve commerical success.

Case Studies

Long lasting brand team partnerships

We have had the pleasure of partnering long-term with several clients either from early opportunity work through launch, or from initial launch indication support through subsequent line or indication expansions.

One such partnership was with a blockbuster Multiple Myeloma (MM) therapy, where we first supported the US team on optimizing their late line patient brochure, which led to many other subsequent HCP and patient projects as they moved to third line, second line and frontline indications, as well as a new administration format. Our US only relationship then blossomed into an additional relationship with global, and has continued over 5 years with further expansions into Smouldering MM and Amyloidosis.

Achieving category leadership over long-established market leaders

Our client’s asset faces a strong challenge from long established, emotionally embedded brand and company competitors.

As their global partner, we helped evolve their strategic framework and brand purpose from success in a single indication towards achieving HER2 category leadership across multiple indications as a franchise brand.

Get in touch to explore how we delivered a phased consultancy led programme including internal stakeholder and external customer insights (in concert with our research team) to deliver aligned pan-franchise branding, leveraging a “play-to-win” framework.

Long term lifecycle planning for a client brand portfolio

A big challenge Pharma companies face is how to effectively co-position and develop succession planning strategies for portfolios of brands in shared indications.

Branding Science Consultancy worked with Global Lifecycle Leaders to effectively create a portfolio strategy, encompassing multiple indications and brands.

The key to success was the strategic framework we created that enabled brand and regional stakeholders with different priorities and responsibilities to align behind a shared purpose, shaped to longer term rewards. Once this was achieved, the portfolio lifecycle planning process was swiftly completed.