HCP Segmentation

The commercial value of HCP segmentation ultimately comes down to the ability to activate insights in your marketing activities to achieve the desired behaviour change.

In any highly competitive, dynamic marketplace, brands must be laser focused on who their customer is and the most effective way of targeting and tailoring a compelling product and message.

The challenge

We believe successful segmentation starts by answering some fundamental questions:

    • What are the drivers and barriers of current category behaviour, and what is the desired behavioural shift that will translate to market success once your brand is approved for use?
    • What are the key product attributes (rational and emotional) and reasons to believe that constitute the opportunity value for the brand?
    • How does the marketing team plan to use the segmentation in its strategic planning and promotional activities (for example, upscaled to a target list, or turned into personas for the sales force)?

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    The Branding Science solution

    Our brand strategists and insights professionals will guide you through the process to develop a viable, actionable segmentation. Here’s our recommended plan for actionable HCP segmentation, designed to direct future marketing activities and expand prescribing opportunities​.

    Discovery and alignment workshop

    A multi-stakeholder workshop to share the synthesis of discovery materials, unpack business challenges, explore hypotheses, and align on key knowledge gaps to inform research.

    Exploratory qualitative research

    An initial insights phase to inform survey development, translating workshop outputs into a set of business and research objectives that fully capture the range of attitudes and behaviours that shape HCP category experience and decision making.

    Quantitative research

    Building on the workshop and qualitative outputs, the main phase of the engagement is to executive comprehensive quantitative research to develop relevant and actionable segmentations specific to your business objectives. We use a time-tested and thoroughly comprehensive segmentation development, validation and profiling process.

    First, we identify unique HCP segments based on core behaviours, attitudes and motivations using leading edge segmentation analytic tools, and aligned to your HCP promotional strategy and hypotheses.

    Next, we richly profile the segments based on a range of behavioural, attitudinal, emotional and demographic traits, to truly understand who they are and how segments are similar or different across these dynamics.

    Then, we’ll size the segments and understand the hierarchy of opportunity to help determine how to focus your promotional and sales force investments in the most efficient manner.

    Finally, we bring segments to life with personas, vignettes and infographics. We provide an intuitive and accurate typing tool to identify segments for future research and marketing needs and can upscale the segmentation to your target list.

    Strategise workshop

    Lastly, we guide the client through strategic choices with a three-hour workshop, resulting in brand segments with clear vision and intent designed to capitalise on market opportunities.

    A strategise workshop bookends the engagement, ensuring that business goals and strategic intent are built into segmentation outputs while keeping brand needs ‘front and center’ and your team engaged.

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