For pharma teams that ultimately want to create winning brands that play a meaningful role for their customers, a solid positioning is critical, with the approach varying depending on the development stage of the asset.

The challenge

Early phase
In early phase development, the asset becomes a product, with focus on rational benefits describing where in the future treatment algorithm it will be used, to inform the creation of the product positioning. This:

    • Informs investment decisions.
    • Identifies where it is likely to be used based on existing target product profile (TPP) and what needs to change to alter usage.
    • Captures how the product compares against competitors.
    • Drives what changes to the clinical development program are required for success.

    Late phase
    In late phase development, the product turns into a brand, with the focus on emotional benefits that can create a meaningful connection with customers. This should:

      • Be the ultimate articulation of the impression you want to create in the mind of the customer in terms of what your brand stands for.
      • Draw on deep HCP and patient insight.
      • Inform all subsequent marketing activity including sales material creation and omnichannel development.

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      The Branding Science solution

      We flex our support for companies depending on the development stage of the asset. With early phase assets, the emphasis is on getting the perspectives of physicians, often KOLs, who are best placed to think about what the future landscape looks like. We combine this with in-depth analysis of competitor plans and market trends to create a rational positioning.

      When assets are further along the development pathway, our approach focuses on understanding the emotional connection between the brand and the end user. This comprises in-depth qualitative research with HCPs and patients to explore motivations for use of the brand, understand the role it will have in treatment, and assess response to product positioning.

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