Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity assessment is critical when it comes to early commercial strategy, brand creation and business development decisions.

The patients we all serve are the people who ultimately benefit from these early decisions – it is therefore vital to get it right, with a safe pair of hands gathering the information you need.

The challenge

We believe a successful opportunity assessment starts by answering some fundamental questions:

Early assets

  • What is the size and accessibility of the opportunity?
  • What is the level of unmet need?
  • How will the science evolve over time and at launch?
  • How will the market landscape evolve by the time of launch?
  • Is the TPP differentiated with the right endpoints and a compelling value proposition for the right patient type – and if not, what gaps should be addressed phase two and three?
  • What are the key inputs for the business case in terms of uptake, by patient, with the best, median and worst case?

Late stage

  • How can a meaningful brand be created given the strengths of your product, the needs of your HCPs and patients, and the expected evolution of the category?
  • What are the rational and emotional drivers and barriers to use of your brand?
  • What is the size of the opportunity for your brand?
  • With whom and when will your brand be used (e.g. the target physician, patient types, and line of therapy)?
  • What roadblocks do you need to address in the launch plan?

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The Branding Science solution

Early asset opportunity assessments

Early asset opportunity assessments are integrated, consultant-led engagements leveraging desk research and in-depth interviews with national and regional KOLs. Our best practice program is composed of a combination of desk research, KOL interviews and pragmatic additions, including mini-patient journeys and payer research.

Later asset opportunity assessments

Later asset opportunity assessments are focused on understanding how patients and community HCPs gauge the landscape and associated uptake of your asset based on the TPP. We achieve this through deep qualitative research through in-depth HCP and patient interviews and associated quantitative assessment to size the opportunity.

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