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We’re excited to announce that we have officially been named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023!

Branding Science Group (UK) has ranked 82/100 in the medium size category (51-200 employees) of UK-based organisations recognised as a Best Workplace for Women by Great Place to Work UK.

Our position on this prestigious list is driven by last year’s employee engagement survey, and the results are based on what women in our UK teams have anonymously reported to Great Place to Work UK about their workplace experience and how well represented they are in the workforce and management.

During the survey, our employees explained: “Everyone is given the chance to be heard – it doesn’t feel hierarchical, and people always have a voice in meetings. There is a good focus on training for people across levels, and a value placed on thinking which we haven’t experienced at any other company. We also manage to work successfully and collaboratively with other offices across the world (in the UK, US, Asia and Poland) – which has been a difficulty in our other places of work.”

The survey also found:

  • 99% of respondents felt people are treated fairly regardless of their race or ethnic origin.
  • 98% of respondents felt they are all in this together.
  • 97% of respondents felt there is a family or team feeling present.
  • 98% of respondents felt people care about each other.
  • 93% of respondents felt promotions go to those who most deserve them.
  • 94% of respondents felt management hires people who fit in well.

Branding Science CEO, Peter Cunningham, said: “I founded Branding Science in 2002 with a very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve and a powerful idea around Insight, Strategy and Action, which are the key elements of taking a client’s problem that we are being asked to solve, identifying the best solution and devising the best method to implement that necessary remedy.

“We have a sound foundation of values that we strive hard to maintain and instil in all of our staff; self-belief, a passion that needs to be infectious and the courage to be different. We embrace diversity and the benefit of different ways of thinking, using different minds when focused on a particular problem, along with being innovative, clever and fun and not taking ourselves too seriously which is an important part of our values and reflected in our branding. We have created an environment for clear and creative thinking to some challenging areas of healthcare.

“As a company we have doubled in size in the last three years, while maintaining our core values and culture, creating a fun and inspiring place to work. We are always learning and improving where we can. Along our journey, by attracting outstanding staff we continue to grow and provide an excellent service to our clients.”

To find out more, visit the Great Place to Work website here.