Clinical TriAl Experience

Globally, the pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis within clinical development. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of the clinical trial experience can help solve it – here’s how.

The challenge

Clinical trial teams are frequently confronted by two major challenges: the recruitment and retention of study participants. Statistics show that 80% of trials fail to enrol sufficient participants on time, resulting in study extensions or the addition of new sites, whilst on average 18% of randomised participants drop out.

The result is two-fold: the data generated from the trial lacks the statistical robustness if a full sample cannot be achieved, whilst the extension of clinical development timelines means that patients lose out as they have to wait longer to access life-changing medicines.

We believe that by improving the trial experience we can address the challenges of recruitment and retention as unforeseen hurdles to trial participation are reduced or removed.

However, this greater focus on experience requires trial teams to shift from focusing solely on the operational and scientific aspects of trial design to also consider the value that a trial can provide to sites and patients as well.

To have this value-focused mindset, trial teams need to have a deep understanding of what patients and trial sites go through on a day-to-day basis, interwoven with a critical assessment of their protocol to identify the challenges. The end goal is to deliver a trial experience where participants and sites feel like partners in the clinical development process, not just cogs in the machine.

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The Branding Science solution

Our solution identifies obstacles and challenges in the trial so they can be addressed before the study begins. Here’s an insight into our process:


An extended KO meeting is held to agree on objectives, sampling and country selection, project timings, and areas of protocol flexibility.

Pain point identification

Trial sites, patients and caregivers are provided with immersive, narrative-driven pre-interview materials about the trial in question. Feedback around the challenges and potential solutions are captured from respondents in one-to-one interviews

Solution development

Branding Science outline the key challenges raised in regard to elements of the trial.

The team work together to generate initial ideas of what the solutions could be as well as consider adaptions to the protocol.

Action prioritisation

A debrief of key learnings is held. The debrief is followed by workshops that review and optimise the solutions developed previously.

The solutions are prioritised to ensure the trial teams know what will have the biggest impact on the trial experience.

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