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The pharmaceutical industry faces ongoing challenges recruiting and retaining participants for clinical trials. This ultimately extends the time to patients accessing life changing medicines. What can we do about this?

Join Chris Recaldin and Andrew Cavill to explore:

  • The change in mindset required to improve the trial experience
  • How insights uncover the value offered by a clinical trial
  • The methodological challenges that should be accommodated when conducting insight generation programmes for trial teams

Branding Science has been partnering with clinical trial teams since 2017 across Oncology, Immunology and Cardio-Renal-Metabolic conditions so is well-placed to talk about the role of insights to support trial development.

Understanding what will deliver the optimal clinical trial experience will become an ever more important topic as competition between pharmaceutical companies to activate a finite number of trial sites heats up and patients become ever more engaged in their healthcare.

If you are interested in our latest thinking on the role of insights to support trial development, click here to watch.