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We all know that the AI revolution is coming, but the implications on the work of pharmaceutical market research and brand strategy consulting businesses are still unclear. 

Join Branding Science’s Nick Ross (Senior Director, Client Services) and Gabe Musker (Data Scientist) as they build a pitch for a purely AI insights agency (brAInsight) to compete in tomorrow’s market, without a discussion guide in sight.

With an approach that leverages AI interrogation of key business questions based on the sum knowledge of the world, brAInsight’s mission is to bring pharmaceutical companies the same quality of market research insight and branding strategy that they would get from a traditional Insights agency, for a hundredth of the cost. 

As they build out their pitch, they’ll talk through why there is absolutely no cause for concern for clients when using an AI-only agency, and how, even though it seems too good to be true, absolutely nothing could go wrong…

If you are interested, click here to watch.